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Top Climbs by Bike in the United States
The most difficult and hardest bike climbs in the U.S.
Index and Rank of the Top 10 and 100 U.S. Bike Climbs

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​Top Bike Climbs in the Untied States Most Difficult and Hardest Bike Climbs in the United States


 Through our personal experiences, internet  searches, contributions from cyclists via social media (e.g. Strava, Reddit and Facebook) and John Summerson's The Complete Guide to Climbing (by bike),  we  have created what we feel is a reliable list of top bike climbs for the United States.  We welcome your ideas and recommendations for U.S. Top Climbs and also  for  any area, region, state, or interesting climb area that would benefit from the climbing maps and indexes we create.     Our method for ranking climbs is explained on  the Fiets Index Page.  Climbs are plotted on the map at the top of this page or opened in a separate page via Top U.S. Climbs Map. Top Climb contributions can be made via our  Climb Contributions  Page or direct email to   Photographs of climbs are appreciated and can be emailed to us for possible inclusion on that photos climb page.  We very much encourage and welcome your recommendations, thoughts, input and direction.  It is only by tapping a broad experience and knowledge base that we can create the definitive source for climbing in the U.S.


We have ridden most of the top climbs in the U.S. and summarized those on Climb Pages which provide the following information for each ride: summaries, climb statistics and details, photographs, video, interactive maps, elevation grid, and Google Street View for the start and finish of climbs (where those are available).  

We have also charted the Top Climbs for each state that has 5 or more significant climbs (we are always open to suggestions for states that are not included on this site, so don’t be shy with your suggestions - keep em comin!).   Climb Detail Pages are accessed by:  (a) The drop down menu at the top of the page; (b) Links in the Top U.S. Climbs spreadsheet at the bottom of this Home Page.

For climb regions or “interesting climb areas” (e.g. Yosemite, Death Valley, etc.), the general summary page for that category will have a spreadsheet that accesses individual rides from that particular page.

  Anyone with climbing experiences and/or photos to contribute, climb recommendations, etc. is encouraged to contact us at .  

Please note:  We are working on a mobile device app, but due to the extensive use of interactive maps and large spreadsheets, this site is most effectively  viewed on a device equipped with a mouse.