Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

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Ride Description


 This climb is situated in the center of Utah, 80 miles from the start of Top 100 U.S. Climbs  #14 (Guardsman Pass) and 152 miles north of #76 (Hwy 153).  The views are good  (canyon and forest) after the first couple of miles.  We were limited in our observations of  distant vistas due to rain when we made this climb on August 4, 2014.  The crux of the  climb is from miles 2-6.5 (1,875' at 7.9% average grade). 

You will get a very good sense of the climb viewing our YouTube video.

Roadway and Traffic Report: There is moderate traffic along this route (minimal during the second half of the climb) and the roadway surface was very good as of August, 2014.

Each elevation segment is ~ 1/6 mile

 Note:  Click on “View full route" (top left) which opens the Hwy 31 RideWithGPS page.  Hover over the distance line at the spot you would like to begin a sub-  segment for this climb.  Click your mouse on the start point and drag the vertical graphing line the distance you wish to obtain sub-detail from, then release the  mouse at the end point.  This will give you the following sub-detail for the selected segment in the “Metrics” window top right of the page:  (a) distance, (b) elevation  gained and lost, (c) max grade, (d) average grade (e) that segment's climb category – e.g. Cat 1, HC, etc., and (f) FIETS score for the segment.

Cycling and Climbing Utah  -   Hwy 31


  • Distance:                                          13.4 miles

  • Beginning elevation:                      5,991'

  • Ending elevation:                            9,787'

  • Elevation gained:                            3,859'

  • Average Grade:                               6.3%

  • Fiets Index:                                       8.22
  • Location:  Climb begins at the the beginning of Hwy 31 (intersection of N. State Street/Hwy 31) Fairview, UT, 101 miles south of Salt Lake City International Airport (39.63436, -111.44029 latitude/longitude).