Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

Hover cursor over segment slices (below) for exact  grade of a particular segment. Map route (bottom) colors correlate with elevation legend colors.


  • Distance:                                          15.4 miles

  • Beginning elevation:                      3,809'

  • Ending elevation:                            7,988'

  • Elevation gained:                            4,296'

  • Average Grade:                               5.4%

  • Fiets Index:                                       7.99
  • Location:  Climb begins on Kolob Terrace Road 4 miles north of Virgin, UT,  44 miles northeast of St. George Municipal Airport (SGU) and 300 miles south of Salt Lake City International Airport  (37.25145, -113.14089 latitude/longitude).  

A Big Thanks to our Canadian cyclist and resource, David Wilson of Kimberley, British Columbia and Ron Cushing, Cedar City, UT for their photograph contributions to this page.

 Note:  Click on “View full route" (top left) which opens the Kolob Terrace RideWithGPS page.  Hover over the distance line at the spot you would like to begin a sub-  segment for this climb.  Click your mouse on the start point and drag the vertical graphing line the distance you wish to obtain sub-detail from, then release the  mouse at the end point.  This will give you the following sub-detail for the selected segment in the “Metrics” window top right of the page:  (a) distance, (b) elevation  gained and lost, (c) max grade, (d) average grade (e) that segment's climb category – e.g. Cat 1, HC, etc., and (f) FIETS score for the segment.


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Cycling and Climbing Utah

Kolob Terrace Road

Ride Description


     This climb has incredible views of Southern Utah rock formations (YouTube playlist), enters and skirts the western edge of Zion National Park and ends just short of Blue Springs Reservoir and Kolob Peak.  The toughest part of the climb is the very scenic stretch from mile 3 to 5 which averages 8.4%.  Unfortunately, when we climbed this route in early August, 2014, the weather was poor and rain/clouds obscured much of the view in the later stages of the climb.  Fortunately, Canada's David Wilson made this climb in better weather and graciously contributed his magnificent photographs for all to enjoy - this is truly a spectacular destination and worth the effort to travel to.  

     Traffic and Roadway report:  As of August, 2014, the roadway surface was very good and the traffic along this route minimal.  This is an excellent road for cycling.