Ride Description


This climb begins just east of Beaver, UT (a small town of about 3,000) and ends on Elk Meadows Dr at Eagle Point Ski Resort.  If coming from Salt Lake City, this is the first of the 3 southern Utah Top 100 Climbs (37 miles north of #36 Hwy 143 and 102 miles north of #75 Kolob Terrace). The first 5 miles of the climb are very mild (510' @ 1.8%) while the final 13 miles average 5.5% and the last mile on Elk Meadows Drive averages 8.7%.  We enter Fishlake National Forest at mile 2.3 and remain in this park for the remainder of the ride (no fee for entry). After the first couple of miles we are surrounded by forest and follow a canyon up the mountain.  There are also some great views of rock formations as we occasionally ride beside or in sight of the Beaver River.  This is a beautiful and scenic ride as can be seen from our YouTube playlistof the climb. 

Traffic and Roadway report:  As of August, 2014, the roadway surface was very good, but there is minimal shoulder although there is also minimal traffic along the route.

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 Note:  Click on “View full route" (top left) which opens the Hwy 153 RideWithGPS page.  Hover over the distance line at the spot you would like to begin a sub-  segment for this climb.  Click your mouse on the start point and drag the vertical graphing line the distance you wish to obtain sub-detail from, then release the  mouse at the end point.  This will give you the following sub-detail for the selected segment in the “Metrics” window top right of the page:  (a) distance, (b) elevation  gained and lost, (c) max grade, (d) average grade (e) that segment's climb category – e.g. Cat 1, HC, etc., and (f) FIETS score for the segment.

Cycling and Climbing Utah

Hwy 153-Elk Meadow Dr

Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

Photos are in order from top of climb to bottom.  Thanks much to PJAMM collaborator cyclist and author Ron Hawks for Hwy 153 photograph contributions. 



  • Distance:                                          18.1 miles

  • Beginning elevation:                      6,048'

  • Ending elevation:                            10,308'

  • Elevation gained:                            4,275'

  • Average Grade:                               4.8%

  • Fiets Index:                                       7.94
  • Location:  Climb begins on Hwy 153 at Canyon Breeze Golf Course, 2.35 miles east of Beaver Co., 120 miles north of St. George Municipal Airport (SGU) and 205 miles south of Salt Lake City  International Airport  (38.2784, -112.60248 latitude/longitude).