Cycling and Climbing the Sierras

Bishop, CA

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California's highest paved road - Rock Creek Road

    MAP LEGEND - Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. Black Diamond:          Top 10
  2. Purple Diamond:        Top 11-20
  3. Maroon Damond:       Top 21-30
  4. Blue Diamond:           Top 31-40
  5. Orange Diamonds:     Top 41-50
  6. ​Balloon Icons:             Top 51-100

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 Bishop, CA has THE GREATEST concentration of HC climbs than any city in the United States.  This  may be the greatest pound for pound climbing mecca in the world.  Bishop is home to 6 of the Top 100 U.S. climbs by bike - within 17 miles you are at  U.S. #9 White Mountain, #25 South Lake, #28 Rock Creek, #29 Lake Sabrina, #44 Glacier Lodge and #67 Pine Creek.  

 Come for Mule Days (it's a blast!), the unparalleled fishing, the incredible Eastern Sierra Experience, but do stay for the brutal, thigh searing climbs.  Bishop is the largest town in the Owens Valley and has many hotels - our favorite is the Creekside Inn - ​it is very reasonably priced and right next door to  an incredible bakery - Schat's - hey, you deserve an apple fritter for each of the monster HC climbs in this area!  Bishop will not disappoint - if you are a  climbing cyclist, it is a must on any bucket list - we have travelled to, and climbed out of Bishop 6 times in the past 5 years and simply cannot say enough about it - Just Do IT!!!!

How about a little altitude training?  Rock Creek Road (climb is less than 20 miles from Bishop) is the highest paved road in California.  Both Rock Creek Road and White Mountain top out at a lung-busting 10,000'!!!  This is the greatest altitude training venue in California and the best in the U.S., outside of Colorado and Hawaii. 

For those interested in an epic, if not extreme, climbing trip, Death Valley is close by and can be easily added to the itinerary.   For the ultra-adventurers (or incredible nut jobs, try Badwater to Whitney Summit in 24 hours!. 

Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.