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Marmot Basin, Jasper, BC


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                                                         U.S.  /  Metric

  • Distance:                          8.7 m / 14 km

  • Beginning elevation:      3,528' / 1,218 m 

  • Ending elevation:           5,595' / 1,705 m 

  • Elevation gained:           2,432' / 741 m 

  • Average Grade:             5.7%

  • Fiets Index:                     4.57       

  • Location:   The Climb begins Hwy 93A just south of its intersection with Hwy 93 (2 miles south of Jasper, BC) at  latitude-Longitude.

Marmot Basin, Jasper National Park Ride Description

​Ridden by PJAMM July 2, 2016

This climb begins in the heart of Jasper National Park and offers many of the breathtaking views of majestic steep mountains that we see throughout this extremely scenic and popular national park.  While the climb itself is moderately challenging, it is the magnificent views and peaceful surroundings that set this climb apart.

While the first mile is on moderately travelled Hwy 93A, after turning right at kilometer 2/mile 1.2, there is very little traffic along this peaceful and scenic climb (see slide show).  While there is a fairly flat 2 kilometers from 1.6 – 3.5 kilometers, the majority of the climb is in the 5-7% range.  The last kilometer of the climb is past the closed single pipe gate (easy to go under or over) on hard packed dirt/gravel ending at the top ski resort parking lot (lot 3).  This final segment of our climb is easily managed on a road bike. 

The descent is remarkable for the incredible views before us much of the way down on smooth pavement at moderate and generally consistent grade.
Roadway surface and traffic:  there is very little traffic along this route – we encountered only a handful of vehicles along the way during our mid-morning July 2, 2016 climb.  The roadway is wide and in excellent condition. 

 Bonus points:  We saw a bear and cub cross the road in front of us during ou
r ride (Photo).  

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Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.