Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.


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                                                         U.S.  /  Metric

  • Distance:                          10.5 m / 16.9 km

  • Beginning elevation:      1003' / 306 m 

  • Ending elevation:           3,695' / 1,126 m 

  • Elevation gained:           2,666' / 813 m 

  • Average Grade:             5.7%

  • Fiets Index:                     3.94      

  • Location:   The Climb begins on Hwy 3 at its intersection with 62 Avenue in Osoyoos, just east of Osoyoos Lake at  49.02799, -119.432174 latitude-Longitude.


Canada's Top Road Bike Climbs

Anarchist Mt., Osoyoos, BC

Anarchist Gradeide Description

​Ridden by PJAMM 7-4-16 

The 4.6 km start of Anarchists grade is cut into the hillside and can easily be seen looking east from Osoyoos, BC.  Osoyoos is in a fertile area of British Columbia and has many orchards, vineyards, wineries and fruit stands on Highway 3 from Osoyoos to Oliver 25 kilometers north.   The first of 2 viewpoints is at 7.1 km/4.4 miles and the second at 7.6 km / 4.7 miles.  The views of Osoyoos Lake and the orchards and vineyards surroundint it from these vantage points are exceptional and you have gotten your money’s worth for this climb if you are making the trip primarily for the scenery.  If your objective is to complete one of Canada’s top climbs and you are not highway/traffic averse, continue on for the next 9.4 km/5.8 miles, 430m/1,305’ at 5% average grade to the top of the climb.  Testament to the steep grade on parts of this climb are the 3 Runaway Truck Ramps along the route.  

Most of this climb is within miles of the Canada/United States border to the south.  At viewpoint 1 (7.1 km/4.4 miles) we are only 1.12 km/.7 miles north of the U.S. border which you look towards but not discern from that point – Osoyoos Lake is actually roughly divided in half by the border.

Double lane no shoulder – shuts down 7.3km; viewpoint 7.4km; heavy traffic and big rigs;  100km sign; shoulder much of route during single lane uphill after 7.3 km; 

Roadway surface and traffic:  Roadway surface is excellent and there is a shoulder (and often a double lane passing lane on the ascent) which offer some respite to the highway traffic along this climb.

Note of caution:  This climb is along a Highway 3 and has moderate traffic that can pass at high speed.  The posted speed limit in places is 100 km (62 mph) and this is clearly a commercial route as there are many big rigs hauling trailers encountered along the way (see video and slide show).  This climb has been done 562 times by Strava members as of July 4, 2016 when we climbed it, so it is not completely off limits to cyclists.  We believe the best time to climb this grade would be very early on a weekend morning.


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