Photos of Entire Death Ride - 2015

Map Legend

  • Monitor Pass West
  • Monitor Pass East
  • Ebbetts Pass East
  • Ebbetts pass West
  • Carson Pass

Summit 5 - Carson Pass 

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Note:  Click on “View full route" (top left) which opens the Death Ride RideWithGPS page.  Hover over the distance line at the spot you would like to begin a sub-segment for this climb.  Click your mouse on the start point and drag the vertical graphing line the distance you wish to obtain sub-detail from, then release the mouse at the end point.  This will give you the following sub-detail for the selected segment in the “Metrics” window top right of the page:  (a) distance, (b) Elevation gained and lost, (c) max grade, (d) average grade (e) that segment's climb category – e.g. Cat 1, HC, etc., and (f) FIETS score for the segment.

Climb and Route Data

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Cycling and Climbing the Sierras

The Death Ride​

​​Ride Description

​ The Death Ride is a very well supported and challenging ride in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains approximately 30 miles southeast of South Lake Tahoe. 

 This is not a race and riders/climbers may climb as many or as few passes as they wish.  The event is grueling, but the support exceptional and with 3,500 riders spread  out over the course (many leaving before dawn), you are always around or near someone during the ride. 

 Below we have provided detail for each of the 5 climbs and also charted courses for 10 variations of the ride via  to give you the option of 2, 3, 4 or The Whole Shebang, together with the detail and statistics for each segment.  

  Length:                        123.8 miles

 Elevation Gain:          15,740'

Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.