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 Truly Epic!  Death Valley is simply an amazing area to ride and climb.  Please see the weather chart at the bottom of this page for a guide to the best seasons to cycle  DV (June, July and August should definitely be avoided, unless you love the heat ).  There is a lot of straight in Death Valley and no more than one roadway change  (turn) on any of the climbs in the area - you can get roasted, but not lost!

 You can approach DV from several points, primarily Las Vegas, Owens Valley.  If coming from Las Vegas, one can spend a day or two in Las Vegas and climb the Hwy  156, 157 and 158 routes listed on the climb spreadsheet below.  If coming from the Owens Valley, hardy cyclists can also climb some/all of the 9 Top 100 U.S. Climbs by Bike in the Owens Valley 

 There are several lodging locations for those interested in spending a few days in DV and those spots are designated on the map below by yellow beds.  Attractions  include Zabriskie Point, Dantes View and Scotty's Castle which are listed on the map and spreadsheet below as blue binoculars.  The National Park Service website is  an excellent resource for those interested in doing more than cycling on their trip.  

 We cannot emphasize enough how spectacular and rewarding it is to cycle Death Valley.  While you will not encounter the alpine forests, snow covered and granite  mountains of the nearby Sierras, Death Valley offers its own unique and spectacular experiences that most all will surely appreciate. 


​      MAP LEGEND - Per Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. ​Maroon Diamond        Top 21-30
  2. Blue Diamond             Top 31-40
  3. Orange Diamond        Top 41-50 
  4. Maroon Squares          Top 51-100 

​ Top Climbs in Death Valley

​Las Vegas Area

Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.