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​This website is primarily about climbing by bike.  We have chosen primarily to use an objective index to quantify and rank climbs - The Fiets Index (developed by the Dutch cycling magazine Fiets).  The standard FIETS index formula is:    [H^2/D*10] + (T-1000:1000; but only if greater than 0).  Altitude in the Standard FIETS is accounted for essentially by adding a point for each 1,000 meters above 1,000 meters.

Charles Jurgensen has refined the FIETS index to make it more "altitude sensitive" - We have communicated with Charles over the past year and have found him to be very informed and with significant expertise in the field of altitude's effect on climbing by bike. 

View climbs ranked by 8 metrics by clicking on the desired metric at the bottom of the page.

Descriptions of each metric:

  1. ​FEITS PJAMM is the FEITS calculation. This calculation uses the difference between start and end elevations as the elevation gain.

  2. Elevation gain is the total elevation gain for the climb as calculated by

  3. ACE is an altitude corrected elevation gain metric that is useful because climb time is proportional to ACE not elevation gain. The ACE metric is perfectly additive like elevation gain. ACE is based on a physiological model of the effect of altitude on maximum climbing rate.

  4. FEITS is the standard FEITS metric based on total elevation gain; this is greater than FEITS PJAMM when the climb includes a descent.

  5. LOCO is a new metric that applies the ACE physiological model to correct FEITS for altitude. The LOCO metric is more additive than FEITS due to improved scaling of the altitude correction.

  6. SLOCO is a summed version of LOCO that fully accounts for the climb profile.

  7. SLOCO(8) and SLOCO(10) are metrics that upgrade the steepness of sections of the climb where one is not in first gear. These metrics yield rankings similar to ranking by ACE.

Detailed derivation and discussion of these new metrics is found at The LOCO bike tours Climb Ranking Metrics  




Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.