​Welcome cyclists who enjoy climbing and are interested in riding the most challenging mountains in your area, state or the United States, or just reading about them.  We have created a chart that ranks the Top 100 Climbsin the United States.  Most of the Top 100 climb pages include a slideshow, video, description, detailed maps and charts of the climb.  This website is dedicated to chronicling all Top U.S. climbs in a manner that will help cyclists determine for themselves whether they would like to take on a particular challenge. 

We have chosen the FIETS Index to rank the climbs in a way that objectively (although of course not definitively) places climbs on a scale that generally allows us to assess the challenge of a particular climb in relation to others.  

If you know of a climb that you feel should be in the Top 100 or a top climb in your state that is not on our lists, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to fill out and submit the "Climb Contribution Form" on the "Climb Contribution" page of our website or email us at john@pjammcycling.com. Your contributions, feedback and input are most welcome and appreciated.  Thank you!

Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

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