Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

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 This page is intended to quantify and objectively compare top bike climbs in the U.S., Alps, Dolomites and Pyrenees Pyrenees (see FIETS Index page for formula explanation).  We were inspired to create this page  and the data assimilation contained on it in response to the debate (argument?) created over our suggestion that Owens Valley, California, USA is pound for  pound the greatest concentrated climbing region in the world (we have since concluded that a 40 mile radius centered on Parco dell'Adamello, Breno, Province of Bescia, Italy has the the highest concentration of extremely difficult climbs in the world).  We are not trying to advocate for any position on this page, or in this website, for that  matter.  The information contained on this page is for general interest only and is not intended to, nor does it purport to be, the definitive analysis or index for  top climbs – this is really a starting point for discussion or debate (not argument) on the subject. 

 We strive to provide interesting and thoughtful information for cyclists passionate about climbing and who appreciate data related to such.  In that regard, we  appreciate and welcome input from all cyclists, particularly in refining climbs already listed, or adding to the existing list.  We encourage you to contribute via the Contribution Form at the bottom of this page or to us directly at 

 Thank you and we hope this page is of interest and use to you. 

Spreadsheet Legend - Per Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. Blue = U.S. Top Climbs
  2. Red = French Alps Top Climbs
  3. Green = Dolomites Top Climbs
  4. Purple = French Pyrenees Top Climb

​ Note:  Click on Tab at bottom of spreadsheet (e.g. "Ranked by Distance") to open a new detail sheet.  Black font denotes the  sheet that is open.  Blue font denotes sheets that are not open.

MAP LEGEND - Per Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. Black Diamond:          Top 10
  2. Purple Diamond:         Top 11-20
  3. Balloon Icons:             All others

Mauna Kea, HI    World's #1 Climb

​ ​​Comparing the Top Climbs 

U.S. / French Alps / Pyrenees / Dolomites